Enigma Enterprise is a company set up and organized by students at the Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School under the Young Enterprise scheme. 

Enigma intends to produce new and original types of product designed to entertain, inspire and intrigue. We will not settle for anything but the best. We are committed to providing the best for our customers in terms of professionalism, enthusiasm and care.

The Team

Our team comprises of highly efficient, talented and motivated individuals, dedicated to offering the best for our customers.

  • Managing director: Abhi Ghosh

  • Company Secretary: Neeral Dodhia

  • IT Director: Kishen Radia

  • Product Development team
    Director: James Costi
    Dylan Devaux-Balbyrnie (Graphics)
    Zeus Kanji
    Abhishek Banerjee-Shukla
    Mithun Kailavasan

  • Manufacturing team
    Director: Jayan Logarajah
    Asanka Wijendra
    Jaimin Dave

  • Marketing team
    Director: George Harnett
    Kartik Kumar
    Dipesh Gopal

  • Sales team
    Director: Harry Bresslaw
    Daniel Shenker
    Robert Goldstein

  • Finance team
    Director: Nick Chan
    Matthew Sherr

Thinking outside the box

Enigma aims to offer a level of quality, innovation and creativity surpassing that of any other such company in the UK. Why settle for anything less?







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