Are you game for the Enigma challenge? The best puzzles, games and competitions on the web. 

  Anagrams of all levels - unscramble the letters to form a  word or phrase.
  Dingbats - Identify the well known word or phrase represented by the images.
  Other word puzzles - solve riddles, brain teasers, crosswords, and more!
  Sudoku puzzles - The popular number crunching game.
  Logic Puzzles - How is this possible?!
  Other number puzzles - solve original number puzzles such as cryptograms,  sequences, and more!

   Enigma puzzle books 1 & 2 - Filled with riddles, crosswords, su dokus, dingbats, logic puzzles, and more!
   Information about future Enigma creations and events
   Online forum to meet other puzzlers!

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